Feeder development working with worm gear

Based on the Fusion model I created I printed the prototype of the feeder mechanism. There were multiple versions necessary to create a functional prototype. First there was too less space under the motor mount and then I the flaps on the magazine don't fit to the magazine. I redesigned the model and print another model with the 3D printer. Without the fast production of the printer it would not be possible to build this fast iterations of the prototype. Because it was easy to print the part and see immediately the problems helped to rapid prototype the feeder.


Model iterations

During the process of the development of the feeder there where many changes of the model made during the development cycle. The image below shows the many versions I created with the 3D printer. Every model helped me to see other problems with the design and helped me to fix the issues. Final version is what I use in my final presentation.


Here is the lifecycle of the feeder mechanism in Fusion360. The first try was way different than the final version that is much improved.